In company Žična kovina we offer you manufacturing programme, products and servises.


  • Mesh for the extension of trailers, spreaders etc.
  • Mesh for enclosing of areas (rabbit pens, silos, chicken coops etc.)
  • Production of cages for birds and other animals
  • Winch protection mesh
  • Mesh for animals
  • Wire mesh for the protection of warehouses, garages, interspaces, for fence construction etc.
  • Spot welded wire mesh for the protection of warehouses, garages, interspaces, for fence construction etc.
  • Stationary rock screen
  • Mesh for protection or partitioning in delivery, military, firefighting, police, and other commercial vehicles
  • Mesh for the protection of machines, different production lines, or plants
  • Metal warehouses, from concept to realization
  • Roadside fences, compliant with the SODOC standard
  • Waste shredder
  • Various gearboxes
  • Metal ladders
  • Concrete product casting moulds
  • Fencing systems
  • Wire mesh filters
  • Carports
  • Tractor quick hitches
  • Wire mesh pallets
  • Soil screens
  • Metal wire
  • Fiberglass window screen
  • Wood plastic composite

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