Feed mixer cereals mill mini

Product Description

Feed mixer CEREALS MILL mini allows you to mix and prepare feed quickly and efficiently. Handling the machine is easy, it saves time and money. Our machine CEREALS MILL mini performs the function of grinding and mixing of the ingredients. Both phases, grinding and mixing, are taking place at the same time. It is suitable for grinding all types of cereals (barley, corn, wheat, rye), corn on the cob and voluminous forage.




Length                                                  2260 mm

Width                                                   1100 mm

Height                                                  1450 mm

Weight                                                 cca. 220 kg

Drive                                                    5,5 kW; 3000 min-1

Number of hammers                        18 pieces

Screeners                                            2, 3, 4, 6, 10 mm



Drive                                                    1 kW, 900 min-1

Volume                                               0,35 m3

Mixing time                                       cca. 12 min

Discharge time                                 cca. 3-4 min



corn in grain                      750kg/h

corn on the cob                 250kg/h

wheat                                  700kg/h

barley, rye                          300kg/h

oats                                      250kg/h