We have Plasma cutting using CNC machines, MIG/TIG welding, Bending using CNC machines, Cutting services and Roll bending.

Plasma cutting using CNC machines

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The Kjellberg HiFocus 160i is a high-precision plasma cutting unit for cutting sheet metal. Straight and sharp edges and corners without dross are a guarantee! 

Plasma cutting is the perfect alternative to laser technology, as due to the cutting quality, secondary processing is hardly even required. Also, in comparison to laser technology, the high definition plasma cutting technology is substantially cheaper. The plasma cutting quality using HiFocus technology complies with the requirements of standard EN 9013, and equals that of laser cutting.

Main technical specifications:
  • cutting width: 2,000 mm
  • cutting length: 6,000 mm
  • cutting width of 500 mm: cutting of various wide profiles (e.g. UNP200)

The Kjellberg HiFocus 160i represents the new generation of universal plasma cutting systems which feature inverter technology: 

  • HiFocus quality – thickness 1 – 30 mm
  • Fine Focus – cutting of metal up to 50 mm thickness
  • engraving – plasma marking
  • flame cutting of metal up to 200 mm thickness



Bending using CNC machines


Shaping of sheet metal up to 15 mm thickness using a bending machine.

Head length: 3,600 mm
Power: 2,200 kN
Computer Numerical Control

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Cutting services


Cutting of materials up to 5 mm thickness using a hydraulic shearing machine.
Cutting of materials of diameter up to Ø 350 mm using a band saw.


Roll bending


  • min. Ø 200 mm
  • max. length: 1500 mm
  • max. thickness: 15 mm


MIG/TIG welding


Welding of simple and complex assemblies.

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